KME Knife Sharpening System

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Lin Rhea custom knife maker likes the KME knife sharpener for sharpening all knives

KME Knife Sharpening System:

360 Degree rotational Clamp with 2 Horizontal Stops:
Just grab the knife handle and rotate it 180 degrees to sharpen both sides of the blade.

the KME knife sharpener allows quick access to either side of your knife blade for easy knife sharpening

Just One Large Hand Knob Clamps the Blade:
No more adjusting the clamp for blade thickness with one screw, then clamping with a separate thumb nut.

Neoprene Padded Jaws:
Clamp will not scratch or mar the blade.

Two Knife Positioning Reference Lines on the Jaw:
Insures repeatable sharpening angle for individual knives.

Jaws Open on Demand
The KME knife sharpener is designed to sharpen all knives, pocket knives, and even broadheads for bowhunting

Revolutionary Spherical Bearing Rod Guide:
Maintains absolute zero deviation from selected sharpening angle at all times, while providing excellent range of silky smooth motion

Infinitely Adjustable Sharpening Angle from 17 to 30 Degrees:
Main frame is engraved with angle scale in single degree increments. Loosen thumb nut to raise or lower the bearing assembly to any desired sharpening angle.

Solid Cherry Hardwood Pistol Grip:
Crafted with posi-grip finger grooves for comfort and control.






Our Rod and Stone Carrier Assembly Features

Solid Cherry Hardwood Stone Carrier

One Stainless Steel Rod with Lock Nut:
Screw rod into the stone carrier, tighten lock nut for rock solid connection, remove for storage.

Interchangeable Extra Wide Stones:
The stone carrier has a built in stone clamp that lets you change stones in seconds.
Holds any 4" pocket stone (Arkansas, India, Diamond)