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We’ve made a couple changes effective June 1st 2015.

First, the standard ceramic/Arkansas kit has been discontinued. We still offer the set of 4 ceramic/Arkansas stones as an accessory item but not as a separate kit.

Too many people were buying the ceramic kit because it was cheaper, only to find that the stones were not aggressive enough to sharpen today's super steel blades.

The ceramic kit was always intended to be a maintenance kit for keeping blades that were already fairly sharp tuned up.

When people didn’t understand this, it was causing them to be dissatisfied with the sharpener - when in truth, they were simply under-gunned when using only the ceramic stones. 

Second, is that the diamond kit now comes with 4 Gold Series diamonds (XC-140, C-300, F-600, and XF-1500) rather than just the 3 it always had before (C, F, XF).

Same story really, the coarse 300 grit stone isn't coarse enough for profiling or re-profiling the harder steels that most knife companies are currently using for their blades.

We've been recommending that everyone add an XC-140 grit diamond for quite a while now and we've decided that the XC-140 grit diamond is a must have item and needs to come standard with the kit.

For the moment, there's only one kit (with the 4 diamond hones) and we're calling it "The KME Precision Knife Sharpening System".

Of course adding another $25 GS diamond to the kit does push the price up a bit to $179.95.

Adding the XC-140 grit diamond gives us the confidence to say: "The KME Precision Knife Sharpening kit comes with everything you need to get from very dull to extremely sharp without needing to buy any accessory stones".

The new 4 stone kit is available for $179.95 on our website - and we’re now offering free shipping on orders over $40. (Previously it was only on orders over $200). So that knocks $12.50 off the total cost.

There are still some of the older 3 stone diamond kits and even some ceramic kits available from other internet dealers but they won't be available for long. Please let us know your thoughts. Thanks very much again, your friends at KME Sharpeners.



The KME Knife Sharpening System with it's rotating blade clamp and spherical rod guiding system offers easy precision sharpening like no other. The rotating blade clamp speeds up the sharpening process and the bearing rod guide maintains precise angles making it easy for ANYONE to sharpen knives and broadheads. The KME knife sharpening system works on broadheads too!

A versatile and robust sharpening system for precision knife and broadhead sharpening - and a great value.

KME Sharpeners manufactures the World's only self-aligning broadhead and replacement blade sharpener. Get your fixed blade heads beyond razor sharp, and your replaceable blades sharper than brand new with a KME Sharpening system today.

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